Making a cup of coffee!

When I was a girl, we rarely went away for an overnight stay as funds often meant for holidays we used caravans which were much cheaper. As we toured around you could see guest houses vying for business by advertising fasciitis such as tea and coffe in the rooms.

Nowadays, it is expected and I suspect that the lack of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits would produce a black mark on a Trip Advisor review. As you know we were in Edinburgh last week and stayed at the Murryfield Hotel and House. We were on the ‘house’ bit which was advertised as a Boutique Hotel. It was quite amazing and I will share more of it in later posts.

However, I start with making a cup of coffee! The packets were in a large Kilner Jar (very in nowadays). There was a choice of ordinary and decaff but these were not small packets containing a spoonful of grains. The instructions on the large packet explained that you had to first knock the grains down. You then had to tear the card strip to reveal the wings. Well, we were lost at this point. We knocked the packets against the table but could not see where to start tearing.

Looking closer at the pictures, we realised that we had to open the large packet to reveal the smaller packet with said grains. We followed the instructions as if our lives depended on it!


The cups were quite delicate and did not have a large space to balance the net of the bag. We gradually poured more water in as it drained into a liquid coffee. Then came the tricky bit! We had to remove the wet, dripping bag into the waste bin which was not your normal plastic receptacle but a mini dust bin complete with lid!


Next came the search for the milk. As you have guessed, it did not come in the form of those tiny plastic cartons but in a bottle (Kilner again) from the fully equipped fridge.


After about 15 minutes, we were able to enjoy our coffee, together with a caramel chocolate bar sitting in one of the many chairs / settees staring at a large mirror (more of that later!).

We were pleased with our efforts but were quite exhausted and guess what … The coffee was cold!

Now, apply this sort of a story to having a cup of tea!!!





United Nations wedding

We get our petrol from a local garage which is run by Michael. He comes from the West Indies and has to be persuaded by his wife, who hails from Turkey, to take the odd day off. When we called in earlier this week, I popped in for my usual chat with him while Nick was filling the car.

He was surprised that I didn’t know his son had been married the previous week-end. We knew he was engaged and that they were sorting out their house but we had missed the wedding date. Michael explained where the wedding had been held and was quite proud to tell me that he had taken two days off! He was clearly delighted that the bride’s family had been so welcoming. Her mother comes from Poland so it was clearly a multi-national affair.

At the venue for the reception, this had been recognised by a table set out with a box of Turkish delight, a bottle of Polish vodka, some English biscuits and a bottle of Jamaican rum! How wonderful that the different countries were celebrated and with food and drink – items that unite the world!


My Week – 12th December

I did wonder about the sense of visiting Edinburgh this close to Christmas. There is still such a great deal to do at home. However, the chance to meet up with Alexander McCall Smith (Sandy to those who know him!) was too good an opportunity to miss!

As you may already know, Sandy has agreed to support 100WC by writing a forward to my book (I need to get it written!) and by providing some signed books for prizes. As you can see, he is a lovely chap.

Edinburgh has a castle that sits high on a hill. It doesn't look like a castle from this angle, more like a large house but it is full of armoury and lots of history. The snow made the views a little bit special although when it became slushy, it was a bit slippery under foot which was a bit scary. We stayed in an amazing hotel room which I will write about later but we did treat ourselves to breakfast the first morning. As you can see, it was very generous and I certainly couldn't finish it so we decided not to have the hotel breakfast for the rest of the trip. We prefer to have brunch rather than something first thing so breakfast can be tricky.

Hubby has always had an interest in quirky pubs and we found the smallest one in Scotland. It was at the bottom of a steep set of steps. There are lots of alley ways like this in Edinburgh, all with a story to tell. We had a bowl of Cullen Skink which is a thick broth made of smoked fish. It was delicious – anyone had some?

Our trip was full of lights, snow and preparations for Christmas. Have you visited Scotland's capital city? What are your memories?




100 Word Challenge for grown ups – Week #159


At the time of writing, it is ten days to Christmas Day. From what I’ve seen on Twitter and Face Book, folks like to make lists to get everything done. I have a list of lists!!

The prompt this week is:

…I need to remember…

As always, you have 100 words to add to these four. The link will stay open until Sunday 21st December

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  1. Lost
  2. Lost memories
  3. I need to remember
  4. Disintegrating
  5. What do I need to remember?