100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#146


It has been a strange week. My son’s father died suddenly and although he was poorly, it was a shock.

So, how do I feel? What should I feel when the father of my child leaves us in his mid 60’s? We had always been friendly and met at the regular round of birthdays, high days and holidays.

As a mother, I’m struggling. My son does not live near so trying to support him as he sorts out his aged grand parents, plans a funeral and deals with his father being intestate is hard. He will be fine. He’s my son.

Your prompt this week is:

…with your going comes the past…

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Friday Smile

My silly friend Julian has sent me some more photos to smile at. The subject title said ‘ why there are more women in the world than men?’

Have a look at these and tell me which one made you laugh or wince!



The garden & FOE seeds

It is rumoured that summer is going to make another appearance. How lovely that would be. With that in mind, I ventured to the bottom of the garden to see if there was any growing left in my pots.

Those of you who have followed my garden posts will know that raised beds were replaced by pots and rather than my normal bedding plants, I went mad with wild flower seeds. They would provide bees and butterflies with a delicious menu that would bring them to my garden in abundance.

Certainly when you wander around between the pots there is a beautiful scent that you can’t buy in a bottle!

One packet of seeds came from Friends of the Earth. They have a big campaign set up to save the bees. You send a text to get a free packet sent to you. Of course, they do have to contact you for your address and they use that time to try to get you signed up to make a contribution or be a supporter with a regular payment. I wonder how many people did sign up?

I didn’t because we already contribute to a number of charities. Do you think they had packets set aside for ‘didn’t sign up’? This is the pot with the seeds they sent. Do you think the bees found this foliage satisfying? Looks like grass to me with a couple of daisies!!

I feel quite disappointed with this. Just glad I didn’t send for it for a child to grow. Is your garden arranged to attract creatures or do they come in uninvited?!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

The theme for this week’s photo challenge over at Daily Post is ‘Fray’.  Quite an unusual idea as it has several meanings – fight, unravelling, stress.

These brightly coloured socks give me cause to be stressed while I fight to get them on despite the insides unravelling!

Do pop over to see what other interpretations there have been posted for this topic FRAY