Is this right?

I have just watched an advert on television that has really got me thinking. It was for ibroprophen for infants. The parents on the video explained that when the little one woke with a fever during the night, they can confidently give them the medicine which settles them so everyone gets a better night.

I can’t remember how old I was when I was given or took over the counter medicine for pain. It certainly wasn’t before I was a teenager. If I had a pain that lasted longer than a couple of hours I was taken to the doctor. If  the thermometer signalled I had a fever I would be kept quiet and monitored. If it went on for too long the doctor would be called.

I have really been thinking about this and realised it is all about balance. When should you take a child to the doctor? I have been in hospital A & E departments where children are waiting to be seen and yet are running around quite fit and healthy. I presume they had been showing signs of being poorly earlier and had been brought in.

As an adult I visit the doctor rarely mainly to have my prescription for thyroid tablets renewed. I’m not someone who takes much over the counter medicine either, preferring to let nature take it’s course. I am feeling quite concerned that giving children medicine too early in their lives will not help build resistance in their immune systems and as adults, will have to take stronger medication.

I know we don’t like to see anyone in distress or pain particularly a child. However, perhaps the ease of access to a pain killer that can be administered to a child is part of our need for immediacy that is now prevalent in society. We can’t wait and build our resilience it seems. I worry that we are building problems for our children’s future by too easily self medicating.

How old were you when you took your first Asprin? Am I worrying unnecessarily?



I have a new kitchen. Well, when I say new, I mean a kitchen that has a face lift. It looks very smart with new black, marble work tops and new cabinets with white, slow closing doors. All together I’m really pleased with it and surprised that it does look so different.

For some reason I have had lime green in my head when it came to accessories. Not sure where that came from as I’m not a ‘green’ person at all. Anyway, I have changed the washing up bowl and the few bits and bobs on the window sill to match the new blind that has a sketch-type leaf design with the occasional splash of a lime green one.

There is quite a range of items in the stores for lime green kitchens. I haven’t gone all out to replace everything but one utensil that I have needed to change was the colander. The previous one I had was metal and has done so much travelling with house changes that it was very very bashed and wouldn’t stand straight on a surface. Along the same lines, although not wonky but a bit rusty, was the smaller strainer that I used for peas and items that might falls through the holes in it’s bigger companion. We worked out that both items were VERY old having previously been owned by our mums!

So it was time for a change! Let me introduce you to my new straining equipment! Aren’t they fabulous? They are square and stand very well. Hubby, who always does the main washing up of the day loves them as they clean very easily.

My approach is quite minimalist as far as surfaces with things on them so sadly I keep them in a cupboard so they don’t add to my colour in the kitchen but I know they are there and love using them. Makes serving vegetables very colourful!

Do you go for colour in your home? Is there a theme of design that says ‘you’?


What do you expect -it’s decaff!

We drink coffee and tea.

Quite a few years ago, we changed to decaffinated coffee. It was at the time that many people were. As a staff, we even changed what we drank in the staff room at school.

We like to go out for coffee. However, we are discovering that not all establishments have embraced the idea that people who drink decaffinated coffee like to TASTE coffee. There is a misunderstanding that because we don’t want the caffeinated bit we also don’t bother about the coffee bit.

We were served dark dishwater (sorry Decaff coffee) the other day. I checked that we had been given a ‘double shot’ which we often ask for if the cups are on the large side. Yes we had been shotted. I then queried the tasteless liquid we had been given only to be told ‘Oh that’s decaff for you. They take a lot of the taste when they remove the caffine.’


Are findings have been that the major chains do serve a decent decaff but although we like to support the independent traders but they have to get their act together.

Having said that, we also drink decaff tea at home. Tetley Tea, one of the biggest producers of tea in the UK have recently been giving away ‘mug warmers’ on their packets. Guess what – not on the decaff boxes!

My week – 14th November

Just like buses, you wait for ages then several come along together. That is my diary at the moment! As several of you commented, last week was a busy one. This past one was as busy.

As you know it started with a train journey to a foreign land where they served cup cakes and celebrated Remembrance with poppies that stretched to the sky. I took my mi-fi with me in case the internet did not stretch that far. It did!

Then there were lots of meetings at school with figures, graphs and appointing a new clerk. Conference planning also happened with like minded folks.

The week ended with Children in Need and my own little bear! It was also the week where the leaves on the trees finally admitted defeat and started falling to their seasonal home.

Oh, by the way, the gas men are still here but have tidied up!

What did your week involve?image