100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #28

Please read first!

Many of you know about the 100 Word Challenge that is run from 100wc.net. It is the original 100 word project and is for children under 16. We desperately need some more folks to comment of these brilliant pieces of work. I would be really grateful if you could ad a note and a link on your blogs to encourage your readers to get involved. Many thanks! 

Many thanks to those of you who did enter last week’s ‘Critique’ prompt. I know it was challenging but it’s there in the title of this weekly journey into the life of a writer. A special thank you must go to Snellopy over in Hanoi who did a critique of every entry from Week#26. Do go and read his ‘Full House’. I’m hoping it will give you some ideas for the next time this sort of prompt is posed!!

Now, after all the grumbling i’m going to let you really have fun! It is my 60th birthday on 26th January. It is the one ‘Big – O’ birthday that I’ve had a problem with. That is probably to do with all the adverts I’ve had for stair lifts and walking aids!

Anyway, I thought I’d put reaching this milestone to good use. your prompt for this week is

…you bought her what…

I haven’t put in any punctuation because I don’t want to influence any of you. Normal rules apply – only 100 words, suitable for PG certificate and in by Monday 30th January.

Now don’t you agree I spoil you!

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list. I will transfer it to this page as soon as possible!

  1. Reverie
  2. Discovering Writing ‘All Wet’
  3. …you bought her what…
  4. Shattered -Blog Up North
  5. All She Ever Wanted
  6. A Conversation – Five Fs
  7. You Cannot be Serious
  8. The Best Gift
  9. Gold Bracelets
  10. Dead Man Walking
  11. Flowers – cjpalace
  12. Believe Anyway
  13. The Outfit
  14. LLM Calling: Christmas Eve
  15. Lucid Gypsy
  16. Another Tutors Gift – If I were brave
  17. Mahjong
  18. Writing from the Edge
  19. Write Tuit
  20. A Present for the Boss
  21. Wordy Wordlessness
  22. Too Small
  23. Glenda Gloop’s Failed Surprise
  24. Julia’s 60th Birthday!
  25. What were you thinking? – Catherine Jayne
  26. Good Knight!
  27. Slightly more than Necessary
  28. The Exotic Lady
  29. 100 Stories – Limebird Writers
  30. Dancing in the Rain
  31. Sally’s Plan
  32. My Best Friend
  33. Up to the Challenge
  34. Garlic?
  35. The Last Word
  36. Angler’s Rest
  37. Isobelandcat
  38. What She Wanted
  39. Bolas! 
  40. Is Enough Enough? 
  41. Hearts Bane
  42. 100 Word Challenge
  43. The Gift
  44. Fragments from Fireflyphil

39 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #28

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  4. Hi Julia. I looked around and couldn’t find where the instructions said to use the words. Is that a standing rule? I couldn’t find it on the page explaining the challenge either. Am I proving my novice standing? Does “prompt” imply direct inclusion? Thanks for the first timers grace and I’ll be sure to comply next time. I think this is quite fun, by the way.

    • Apologies Ryan! We’ve been doing it for a while so I forgot to put in the ‘you have 104 words all together 100 + the four in the prompt’. You’ll know next time! ;)

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  8. Hi Julia.

    Enjoying this prompt so much I’ve posted a second story. Hope this doesn’t infringe any rules.

    Happy birthday for tomorrow. As somebody who hit the 60 mark last year I can tell you it’s great fun. I’ve even got myself a free bus pass! Haven’t used it yet, but hoping that when I do the driver will tell me I don’t look old enough to have one. We can but dream!

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  14. It is a real pain when people do not put links back to this site. It takes so long to post replies and then you cannot do so many . . . . .

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  16. Does that mean you’re limited to 100 words or less? (104 with the prompt?) Can the prompt be included as part of the copy? Can it be a poem or is it prose only? I have a poetry submission if that’s allowed.

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