Young, VERY Young!

Alphabe-Thursday has reached the letter ‘Y’ so what an opportunity to share my NEW grand daughter with you. I went to visit for the first yesterday and she was 6 days old.

As you can imagine in that short time there are already lots and lots of photos of her but this is the one I’m sharing. She is looking at me (honestly) and that bond has been formed!

Do pop over to Jenny Matlock’s blog to see what other ‘Ys’ have been posted!

13 thoughts on “Young, VERY Young!

  1. Babies…aren’t they the best? Sometimes, I wish they could always be this young and then I realize if they were then we wouldn’t have more cute babies to hold. Great Alphabe-Thursday post!

  2. lovely photo of you and baby. will be cherished in years to come. and a baby is a new chance to relive the delights of life through a youngster’s eyes. Congratulations!

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