Eggs- quisite!

Guess what the letter is for today’s ‘Alphabe-Thursday’? Yes – it’s ‘E’ and I’m being cheeky again. These baubles come from New York and were bought in May! I always get a buzz from things being ‘out of season’ and Christmas shops have always held a fascination for me especially if it is the summer-time and the weather is hot.
They were an ideal purchase because we love collecting our Christmas decorations (See Delicate) and they were packed tightly in a relatively small box which made transporting them back to the UK easy.
Do pop over to Jenny Matlock’s to see some more ‘E’s’!

10 thoughts on “Eggs- quisite!

  1. What excellently lovely eggs!

    It seems like they would be hard to transport so I’m glad they made it home safely.

    I, too, am always enchanted with Christmas things bought during the year! Seems to make them shine just a little more brightly.

    Happy New Year to you!

    Thank you for linking.


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