17 thoughts on “A Friday Grrr!

  1. Looks like something from the 50’s. People who were not yet alive then really cannot imagine the racism and sexism of the time. I’m not talking about violence or anything overtly virulent [though there was that, too, of course.] It was something far more casual and insidious. “A woman’s place is in the home” was a common expression, and it was meant with absolute seriousness.

    Yep – times have changed

  2. That definitely is a 50’s vintage ad!
    I am a 50’s vintage woman myself (went to college in the 50’s). The things we thought were “normal” and right!
    I’m happy about what’s happened in the Western world. But when I see those societies which haven’t budged since then — what am I saying? Who are still back in medieval times with women as chattel and less-than people — I get very afraid.

  3. It might not be so blantant, but I think this sort of advertising is just the same today. Just better disguised.

  4. Made me smile – this year I told my husband (who hates to shop) that I had bought him my birthday present … he paused, looked at me quizzically, smiled and thanked me. Keeps things running smoothly.

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  6. Hi Julia, I’m loving this ad, is it possible I can use it for my new website, lovefoodies.com? I’ve got a great spot on the site where it would go nicely :) Please let me know if it’s ok,

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