We have reached the letter 'F' for Alphabe-Thursday at Jenny Matlock's blog. We visited York on 22nd December. We were supposed to be going to a football match but it was cancelled when were were half-way so we decided to continue with our plans.
Down the road from the hotel I saw this.
It is an attempt by the house owner to stop THIS!
This is a photo of an under ground car park, belonging to a very posh (and I suspect expensive) river-side hotel. Better change that to 'Under Water'!
This last photo though is an amazing sight. It is of a football pitch and the goal post have been circled. Rain stopped play I think!!
Do pop over to Jenny's to see what other 'F's' have been posted!


7 thoughts on “Floods!

  1. I’ve been hearing about all your rain, more flooding – several years ago we suffered through a horrendous ice storm – power lines down, no elecricity for weeks, freezing -20C outside, no heat — yet I knew that when the electricity popped back on we would pick up as if nothing had happened – not so with floods. I feel for the people who suffer through this. Merry belated Christmas and may your 2013 be free of floods, may be it warm and hearty and full of love and smiles.

  2. Oh no. How horrible.

    I’ve never even seen a flood. I guess that’s a good thing about living in Arizona.

    I hope you are staying safe and dry.

    Thank you for linking to the letter F.

    Happy New Year!


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