Friday smile!

The change from year to the next often gets you thinking of the past. I heard this and was transported back to me childhood. Not only for the music but for the machines themselves. Thankfully, I didn’t have to use one very often but oh the memories of carbon paper!

Do you remember the music? Did you use one of these?

14 thoughts on “Friday smile!

  1. Yes, and thankfully by High School our typing lab had acquired IBM Selectrics! However, they still required carbon paper. BTW, have you priced carbon paper lately? When, and IF, you can find it it’s about $8.00 for a small package, and that was six years ago :!:

  2. I remember the music. When I was about 7 or 8 I used to sit in my mother’s office as she typed with the old mechanical typewriter – it wasn’t until the late ’60s that she had a slick IBM ‘Golfball’ model. She used Tippex for it’s proper purpose, too!

    Then there was the Gestetner duplicated …

  3. Always really liked this piece of music. Was anyone else watching and reminded of the Rowan Atkinson/Chariots of Fire bit from the Olympics opening ceremony???

  4. Oh, I remember it all right! But so long ago it was simple admiration for the cleverness and virtuosity, not giggles at such antiquated technology — like, typewriters were NORMAL.
    Composer Leroy Anderson liked to fool around this way. His famous Sleigh Ride did a similar bit for jingle bells!

  5. Oh do I remember – I had to learn on a manual even though electrics were in use, selectrics were still down the road a piece. carbon paper, onion skin, little pieces of paper to stick between each carbon layer when I had to erase, smudge, smudge, oh do I remember.

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