13 Challenges


My very clever, dedicated and creative friend Lisa ( she of 2012 pictures in 2012!) has come up with another challenge for the new year '13 Challenges of 2013'. In her words:-

'Each challenge must be visited, photographed (where possible) & posted 13 times in the year. It doesn't have to be every day, every week or every month; but over the course of the year the 13 parts of the 13 challenges must be complete.'

I have decided to have a go and as some will involve hubby we have made many of them things to do together. They are not in any order of priority although hubby is keen on #3 and some could have 'at least' after them!

  • Challenge#1 – Create 13 new supper dishes. I am inclined to do the same thing each week so we need something new.
  • Challenge#2 – visit 13 new pubs. I must explained that we do like to go out on a Friday and a Sunday so it will do us good to explore new haunts
  • Challenge#3 – Go to 13 football matches. Hubby is a Gillingham supporter as you will know if you have been a visitor here for a while. I go with him so that we can make a day of it.
  • Challenge#4 – read 13 books. I always put titles on my present lists but still have a huge backlog to get through.
  • Challenge#5 – Linked with #2 is visit 13 restaurants. We are creatures of habit and need to go some different ones
  • Challenge#6 – visit 13 towns or cities. The football matches help with this but they will not all be in different places.
  • Challenge#7 – have 13 over-night stays. We love to go away for long week-ends.
  • Challenge#8 – meet 13 'new' tweeps. I love twitter and have had the opportunity to meet some of the folks I tweet with in the real. More of this during 2013!
  • Challenge#9 – visit 13 National Trust properties. Hopefully, the weather will be kinder this year!
  • Challenge#10 – present at 13 different events. Last year I was lucky to be asked to visit various conferences to talk about 100 Word Challenge. I hope to continue this.
  • Challenge#11 – take 13 visits to the seaside. We don't live by the sea so will have to make a trip
  • Challenge#12 – go out with friends on 13 occasions.
  • Challenge#13 – complete 13 Telegraph crosswords. When we travel we like to do a crossword but we rarely finish it!

I am going to put each of these posts on a page, which you can find on a tab at the top. Alternately, you can click the red badge on the right to see how I get on and hopefully to give me some encouragement!


28 thoughts on “13 Challenges

  1. I must admit that I am unable to complete the 13 x 13s. There is no way I am going to a football match – ever.

    I’ll give in gracefully and watch the fun from the side lines – Happy new year!

    • I’m with you on that one. I can think of so many more enjoyable ways to waste my time. I’ll give in gracefully too, which is a shame as I was looking for challenges.

      • but you make up your own challenges! For me, as a regular ice hockey attender, I don’t think ‘going to 13 games/rinks/whatever’ is particularly a challenge – I’m pretty much going to be doing it anyway!

      • The idea is that you set your own! We go fairly regularly & as our team is on the other side of the country, every match is a trip for us so we make a day out that just has a bit of football in it!

  2. I might be able to do all except
    1 football!! Ughh….

    2 I thought it was tweets, tweeps? I don’t even twitter a bit!
    But I’ll go for it anyway!

      • I got it now, too! The thought of enduring a game of football was just too much! My grandfather loved the game and wanted desperately for me to be interested. He even took me to The Dell, to watch, but I was just so bored!

        I’ll see what I can come up with – thanks!

  3. Hmm… is it as lit2you believes? I pick my own 13 challenges? Or is this mostly a “These are my gaols” post?I think it could be fun, although I’d have to spend a lot of time figuring out what my challenges ought to be.

  4. Unfortunately, so many of these are very Great Britain oriented, so not things I would be able to participate in. But, I may take your list & see if I can adapt it for North America & then use it as prompts for posts over here. Maybe I could issue a challenge to some of my fellow bloggers? With your permission of course.

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