13 Challenges – #8 / 2 @Helloitsgemma

I had a lovely coffee break recently because I met up with my twitter friend @helloitsgemma.

She and her family have moved to my city and we had promised ourselves a meet up and a chat.

Well, chat we did! We covered families, schools, jobs, blogging and put the rest of the world right. It is great having a tweep near and we have already planned another meet-up!

This is being posted over at Sticky Fingers for the Gallery theme ‘New’.

If this 13 business in new to you please read ’13 Challenges’ and also have a look at the tab at the top and the drop down menu!

10 thoughts on “13 Challenges – #8 / 2 @Helloitsgemma

  1. I’ve met Gemma but haven’t had the chance to have a good gossip like you did. It is good to eventually meet fellow bloggers and find new friends.

    • Don’t you look lovely Gemma. The move obviously suits you. How great to be able to hook up with fellow bloggers and tweeps for coffee and a chat. I’m so looking forward to Britmums for that! x

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