16 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. And I can tell you, those Marines mean business! Several years ago when I was still teaching high school full time, my government class was studying a unit on the U. S. military, and I thought it would be great to have representatives from each branch visit the class. I asked the superintendent for permission to contact them, but he would not give permission for them to come to the school. I think he was afraid of pressure to recruit, since I had so many senior boys in the class. He did, however, give permission for me to contact their offices and ask them to send us material.

    I did that, and every other branch sent loads of great material and info. However, a couple days after calling the various offices, there was a knock on my classroom door, and when I opened it, there stood two of the best-looking hunks of manhood this lady had ever seen — and in full (and I mean full) dress uniforms. The Marines had landed! They had stopped at the office as required and asked for permission to visit my class. The superintended himself had been in the office and granted the permission. (Talk about overriding the enemy!)

    Needless to say, my class was thrilled — as were all the GIRLS on campus, whether they were in my class or not. Those two guys stayed only a few minutes, but they left an indelible impression, not only because of their looks, but because of their entire demeanor. And they left us the most dynamic materials — including some huge, attention-commanding posters.

    My dad and several other members of my family served this country as Marines, so I knew they were a proud group. But that experience convinced me that there really is something unique about that branch of service. Where the others were content to mail us pamphlets and booklets, the Marines chose an all-out, strategic invasion.

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