Friday Smile!

ANSWER TO LAST WEEK’S PUZZLE!                                                                                                 It was 10! 

For today, I’ve dug out another of those old adverts!


No more diets or visits to the gym!! I do wonder what type of shop you’d buy these in though? Suggestions?

I can’t stay around here because I’m off to the garden to do some digging!!

7 thoughts on “Friday Smile!

  1. Off to the garden to do some digging? You must be having fun! That poster must really have been dug up from the past. Everything about it seems like the old ways. The fonts, the pictures, the concepts, the items…
    Lovely post! :)

  2. Where would you buy them, do you ask? Well … let me think. I’ve got it: A Health Supplement Store of course. This is hilarious, but scary. I wonder if anyone ever actually tried it. I’m going to share this post on my Facebook page. I MUST let others know!

  3. Hey, Julia, a friend just told me that Dr. Oz recently did a TV show on this subject. Evidently people really are still doing this to lose weight, and you can order the tapeworms online. GROSS!!!!!!!

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