My Lads!

It was obvious really that following last week’s theme of Girls, we would be looking for Boys in the Gallery this week.

Here are mine! This picture is one of the few I have of my son and hubby together. It is very old, taken in 2003 but it brings happy memories flooding back

02-19-2013 07;54;27PMIt was taken in Lille in France on a day when the temperature was extremely high. We had gone for the day from Canterbury with the lad’s girl friend of the time who always referred to our car as ‘The Adventure Bus’!

It was a wonderful day and this picture stands very proudly on my shelf, where I can see their smiles and the sunshine whenever I need a lift!

Do pop over to Sticky Fingers to see some more ‘Boys’!

15 thoughts on “My Lads!

  1. we all have too many digital photos that we never get to see on a daily basis that make us smile, we all need to get more printed to keep those smiles on our faces.

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