100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#169


Well, the trip is ended and what wonderful memories we have made. I will endeavour to get them blogged about as soon as life returns to normal, if that is possible. We travelled 26,500 miles across a number of time zones so the old jet lag is having a ball at the moment!

As always, the prompt links with my life so it is:

…so what time did you say it was?…

You have an additional 100 words to put to these to produce a creative piece of writing.  The link will close 8th March

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  1. The next patient
  2. Tied in Knots
  3. morpethroad
  4. The worry

How to Spot a Feminist


Found this via Lucid Gypsy!

Originally posted on idealisticrebel:


How To Spot A Feminist

Two fun-loving hijabi women ask the big questions.
by Adam Grannick for the Moral Courage Project“If someone is dressed a certain way, they are representing to the world that they adhere to a certain set of beliefs.” Comedians and actors Radhika Vaz and Nadia Manzoor are shattering this assumption with their new video, How To Spot A Feminist.Manzoor and Vaz play two hijabi women, Shugufta and Fatima (Shugs and Fats), who are struggling to make hipster Brooklyn their home. Vaz and Manzoor, who are both sketch comedians and writers, decided to launch Shugs and Fats as a web series together. “We had amazing creative chemistry and we had to work together,” they said. “We felt doing it with our clothes on was the best way.”They venture into new territory in this short video, produced in collaboration with Moral Courage TV, where they’re “looking…

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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#168


Since arriving in New Zealand I have been amazed at the way agapanthus grow wild. In the UK they are an expensive plant to have in your garden. Hubby has been overwhelmed by the fact that he has stood on the edge of the Pacific ocean.

The prompt this week links these together:

Fire…the blue was sapphire…

The link will close on Sunday 22nd Feb. 

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  1. morpethroad
  2. The man who was a dream
  3. Eyes like sapphire
  4. The sapphire cove
  5. Fire
  6. Sapphire necklace
  7. The Reception
  8. The Gemologist
  9. The holiday apartment
  10. Feeling sapphire

Julia’s Joy! – revisited


This week’s theme for Tara’s Gallery is ‘Joy’ . This is to balance things after last week’s Ugly. I found this quite difficult because in many ways, it would depend on the time, place & my mood. I looked the word JOY up in the Collins English dictionary & it said: ‘a deep feeling or condition of happiness or contentment; something causing such a feeling; a source of happiness.’

Armed with that definition, I proudly present ( with huge thanks & hugs to my wonderful photographing  hubby!) my interpretation of ‘JOY’ – whatever, whenever, wherever – they will make me feel good!




Nature at her very best! She never lets you down to feel Joy!

Mother’s Sayings! – revisited

Another wander down Memory Lane

My mother could often be a straight speaker. She could make you cringe at times but she tried to not embarrass me by putting her thoughts into ‘sayings’. Now these were not your common ‘n’ garden old wives tales. These did not contain wisdom or predictions. Nor did they come with an expectation of action. They were just statements. I was reminded of one the other day so thought I’d post a few with you & see if you have any such outpourings that you could share.

‘She’s all fur coat & no knickers!’ – This would be a Continue reading